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Twilight Sunset

Dandylyon Darr
Encaustic Artist
Keaau, Hawaii

Hula Dancer Doll

Creative Journey

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the world around me. Since the mid 1990s, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of art. It is my passion, my purpose, and my way of expressing myself. I have explored various mediums throughout my career, but I always find myself drawn back to my true love: painting. My unique style is a reflection of my experiences and emotions, and I am always seeking new opportunities to bring my visions to life.

Artistic Background

I've loved art for as long as I can remember. I painted everything insight as a kid. Including the TV, carpet and furniture, boy did I get in trouble!  My parents were mortified, but knew they had an artist on the rise and always encouraged my artistic side. I later attained an Associate Degree in Broadcasting and eventually went on to earn a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Art and Business. Since then, I’ve done a lot of studying and learning on my own and enjoy the “Art’s” in every aspect.  I started my art career in water-based paints, mostly acrylics and watercolors and now work with Encaustic. I consider myself a self taught artist.

Palm Trees


I get inspiration from the beauty I’m surrounded by. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii has become an epicenter for my artistic mind in such a fabulous way. Just like the volcano’s lava flows, my art is ever-changing, always evolving and becoming a huge joy to experience in my life. I’m intrigued by the vivid colors, unique landscapes, the ocean’s vast horizons with it’s amazing sunrises, sunsets and clouds. 


I work primarily in encaustics and mixed media on wood. I create my own encaustic medium with100% organic beeswax and damar, which is a natural tree resin. I incorporate a burning technique with shellac, made from the secreations of the lac insect.  My studio is eco-friendly and nearly zero waste as I recycle my paints and incorporate them back into my work. I try to capture the beauty of the present moment with each stroke of hot molten encaustic paint applied to the surface. Abstract faces, dancers and action landscapes make up the majority of my subjects. 



Why make art? I love the magical flow of where my creative mind takes me. I do what I do because I see art as a way to express my passion and share the love with others. My artistic abilities allow me to create unique fine art for you to enjoy for years to come. I try to go beyond the norm to express something essential and intangible, and the feedback I get about a finished painting is immensely rewarding. 

Past Exhibits

“One Man Band and Art Show” Solo show – The Roche, Port Huron, MI Curator of: “The Art of Drinking” – The Roche, Port Huron, MI

“Tall Ship Festival” – Vantage Point, Port Huron, MI 

“Colors of Dandylyon” – Solo Exhibit - UR Hair, Port Huron, MI

“Visual Addictions”- Hazel Park, MI

“Emergence Theater Art Show” - Hazel Park, MI

“Unfiltered Show” – Russell Industrial Center, Detroit, MI

“DAM Small Show” – Detroit Artist Market, Detroit, MI

“Outsiders” – Blues & Muse at Maxwell’s Arts & Treasures, Garden City, MI

“Fine & Dandy Exhibit” -Solo Exhibit - Southfield Library, Southfield, MI 

“Art for the Holidays” - Detroit Artist Market, Detroit, MI 

Here & Now Art Book - *Mad Bride* and *City Girl* are published in it.

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